Two-tone Orange Dialled 4-720521 (67-5776) 100m Parawater Diver

Following my last post on Citizen’s orange dialled export (‘waterproof’) 100m diver, Bert has kindly sent photos of his Parawater version of the 67-5776 model – but with a two-tone dial:


I have seen one or two other examples of this, with the same yellow raised chapter ring – I had wondered if the lighter colour is a result of UV fading since I didn’t have good images, but the colour appears solid, and Bert has looked at his close up and it looks very uniform:


So this one does appear to be an original variant – I’d be interested in other comments before I add it to the Diver reference page. Many thanks to Bert for his pics – he also has another orange version the slightly earlier 61-5773, so here they are side by side – note the different type of crowns used:


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3 Responses to Two-tone Orange Dialled 4-720521 (67-5776) 100m Parawater Diver

  1. Marco says:

    I think the right model is a 67-5776….?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Marco – ah yes you are right. I hadn’t spotted that the dial code includes ’72’ which is the movement used in this model. So it is a 67-5776, rather than the 61-5773 which uses the 52 movement. Thank you for raising this, I’ll amend the reference article asap. Stephen

    • sweephand says:

      Just checked and the reference article is ok, so no need to amend it, although I could add the 72 two tone model to the 67-5776 section. I’ve now amended the post that incorrectly described it as a 61-5773. Stephen

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