Best Wishes for 2017

Happy New Year to everyone, thanks for visiting and following my blog – I hope you have a peaceful and prosperous 2017.


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10 Responses to Best Wishes for 2017

  1. Eduardo Farha says:

    The best for you and your family, Stephen!

  2. pete bullivant says:

    Happy new year Stephen, enjoy your posts very much.

  3. bella says:

    can you please check my watch for me.

    base metal yp

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Bella, thanks for visiting my blog. Unfortunately I can’t help very much with quartz models unless they are early ones from before 1980. Yours has the 2820 movement which I believe was made in the 1980s – so from the first three figures in the serial number (3051554) yours was made in May 1983. 34-0286 is the model number, and ‘YP’ indicates gold coloured plating on the case.

      • bella says:

        hi thnx for your reply,

        i cant find it anywhere… it that fake?

        dont know the wrth…it is a very good looking watch.

        gr marina

        • sweephand says:

          Hi Marina – I don’t think it’s a fake, the numbers / marks all look authentic to me. I’m afraid that they are not worth much these days even in good cosmetic and working condition. Stephen

  4. John Norwood says:

    I can’t figure out where to ask about my watch. I’d like to send a few pics to you to get your opinion. Just bought a vintage citizen and want to know how original/authentic it is. Please reply.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi John, it’s fine to ask in any of the posts 🙂 Visitors aren’t able to post pics directly I’m afraid – so email is on the way. Stephen

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