Automatic Chronographs Page & the 67-9038

Just done an update on the Chronographs reference page – I needed to make a couple of small corrections to the 67-9038 section, and add new images from a 1970s catalogue. The models in that catalogue, which I think was for the Australian market, shows slight variations.

Before going to the page, test your knowledge first 🙂  Can you spot what’s different between these two?

67-9038catalog1973  67-9038blackdialcatalog1970_zpsjml9xpyl

Find the answer on the page here:

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4 Responses to Automatic Chronographs Page & the 67-9038

  1. marvin says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Bezel inner ring?
    Middle button vs knurled winding crown?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Marvin – you’re right about the crown. I think the inner rings are the same – the scan on the right is not very good quality so does look a bit different. There’s one other difference on the dial – not easy to spot…. Stephen

  2. Thaweechai says:

    Very nice rare wrist watch.

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