Chronograph and Jet Page Updates

I’ve just done amendments to a couple of reference pages. Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

1) The ‘Jet Automatic’ – amended the text about how to identify the 41xx movements versus the 03xx and 11xx movements. See the 8th paragraph of the page:

2) ‘Automatic Chronographs’: I’ve added notes and images to the 67-9011, 67-9020, 67-9038 and 67-9577 entries to include what I’ve referred to as the ‘Australian’ models. With many thanks to Mikko, who sent me a scanned 1970s catalogue for, we believe, the Australian market, I have now described dial variations, particularly to the tachymeter ring and the scale used:


I have never seen an example of these outside of the catalogue, so please let me know if you have!


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