Colourful Citizens

Citizen certainly weren’t shy about using colours in the 1970s, and their range of automatic chronographs is a good example. Even with conservative dial colours, colourful highlights were used on a number of the models to grab a bit of attention. And the colours were sometimes combined with interesting case designs. My auto chrono collection is a good representation of these qualities:


These models use either the 8110A or 8100A versions of the high beat (28,800 beat per hour) movement. There are no ‘B’ or other versions since the ‘A’ = automatic 🙂  The 8110 is the better known of the two, with its twin sub-dials for hours and minutes. The single sub-dial features only a minute counter. The sweep-hand hand is of course the chronograph second counter.

Both versions were introduced in 1972, the 8100 first, I think in May of that year, with the 8110 following in October.  The 8110 was produced for much longer though, up to 1980 or thereabouts, with one special version found in the Walter Wolf branded model produced as late as 1983. The 8100 models were only produced for maybe 2 years – I don’t think I’ve seen one later than 1974.

For a closer look, here are a couple of examples I’ve featured on my blog:

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