Restoring the Unrestorable!!

If you’ve browsed this blog in any depth at all you will have seen the work of master watchmaker Brian Leiser – his page that I host here featuring his restorations of the 67-9313 ‘Speedy’ chronograph is a real treat for mechanical watch enthusiasts.

The restoration page (it’s here: also features two of Brian’s project watches. As Speedy parts get more and more difficult to find, Brian presents a couple of his own project pieces – the ‘Speedy Mod’ and the ‘Speedy Mon’. These are numbers 25 and 26 in the list of Speedy’s Brian has worked on. The work he’s done on these is inevitably summarised fairly briefly, however you can now see in more detail how Brian delivered the ‘Speedy Mon’ since he has completed a thread on the Watchuseek (WUS) forum, which now has a Citizen specific sub-forum.  Please hop over there and have a read – you’ll see why I titled this post as I did! Here’s the link:

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