Citizen’s 17 Jewel 150m Divers

I’ve just added information about the 17 jewel versions of Citizen’s 52-0110 and 51-2273 150m divers to my diver reference page. Both models can be identified externally by the lack of a jewel count on the dial, and internally by ’17 jewels’ engraved on the rotors. Both use versions of the 8200 movement. Here’s a link to the page:

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5 Responses to Citizen’s 17 Jewel 150m Divers

  1. Maria Tavares says:

    Hello again! I contacted you last year with some doubts about a watch I had because I didn’t know which year/model it was (coincidentally it was also in March… Guess I’m like clockwork!)
    Now I got another one that looks quite old, but from a lesser known watch maker (I think? I can’t find many watches by them!)
    The watch maker is called Artemis, and apparently it’s model is “la marquise” (it also has an engraved crown and a triangle that has “PG” inside if it) . It has a stainless steel back,Swiss made and the only numbers on it are “1018 1”
    On the front it only says “Artemis” and “Swiss made” with no indication of jewels or such. It’s a wind up watch. I can send pictures of it if you want, but if you think it’s not gonna be easy to help then it’s alright! It doesn’t have a seconds hand, and looks quite fancy so I think it might be from before the 70s at least.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Maria, sorry for my late response. I’m afraid I can’t help with your watch – I don’t know the Swiss makes, and there were a lot of them! Sorry I can’t be of more help. Stephen


    quería saber si aún sigue teniendo la corona

    • sweephand says:

      Hola, gracias por visitar mi blog. Me temo que no conozco a nadie con una corona en venta. Stephen

      • Raul JAIME PULIDO says:

        Muchísimas gracias!!!. Saludos Rj

        El vie., 13 mar. 2020 10:45, Sweephand’s Vintage Citizen Watch Blog escribió:

        > sweephand commented: “Hola, gracias por visitar mi blog. Me temo que no > conozco a nadie con una corona en venta. Stephen” >

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