Today’s Watch – Citizen 67-9631 Automatic Chronograph, 23 Jewels

Felt like I needed something today to match the perfect blue sky – cloudless, no contrails, beautiful. I have just one watch with a sky blue dial, and that is Citizen’s 67-9631 automatic chronograph, featuring the single (minute counter) sub-register of the 8100 movement.

The 8100A models had a much shorter production run than the 8110A, possibly little more than a couple of years, and the 67-9631 is one of the rarer ones too. I’ve not come across a domestic market catalogue that features this one, but I have seen a German advert, from 1974, which included this model – it may be that this one was only sold in the export market. The dial on these can fade quite badly, and when I bought mine it was hard to tell how bad it might be. That was down to a badly scratched glass, so when I replaced it I was very pleased to see a nice dial. It is also on a solid link bracelet, original to this model. This one is from April 1974:

This one is running nicely and keeping good time. More info here:

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2 Responses to Today’s Watch – Citizen 67-9631 Automatic Chronograph, 23 Jewels

  1. Kent Salo says:

    I have one with a almost perfect dial. Do you know if fakes have been made?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Kent, thanks for visiting. I don’t believe there are aftermarket/fake versions of this dial. Is there anything about it that gives you concern? Stephen

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