Today’s Watch – Citizen Crystate, 21 Jewels

Having a manual wind weekend, so I can forget about having to set the date on the two I have chosen, but I am using today’s photo 🙂 Today’s piece is the Crystate, a fairly rare hand winder launched in 1967 – mine is from December of that year. The movement is designated 0911 and is a higher quality version of the 0200 (Homer) calibre. The standard Crystate was produced with 21 jewels, with a Deluxe version having 22 jewels, and has a finish to the movement plates replicated only on it’s Chrono Master sibling. It runs at 18,000 bph, and has second setting, and is the same movement that is used in the Homer railroad watch issued to Japan National Railways’ employees. So it will have been tweaked for greater accuracy to meet the requirements of Japan’s renowned railway punctuality. Certainly my examples run very accurately, and I would recommend the Crystate as a more unusual hand winder to acquire. It is a close relative of the Chrono Master manual watch, which has the 0920 calibre inside. I like the simplicity and clarity of the dial on this, with italicised Arabic hour markers and black centred dauphin hands. Like the railroad Homer it does exactly what is required of a watch – tells the time very clearly at a glance:

More info here:

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