Today’s Watch: Citizen Square Custom, 27 Jewels

A very stylish watch today – in my opinion anyway 🙂 A Square Custom from December 1970, which must have been one of the last of the 52 calibre in this range since a second generation was in production by 1971 using 72 movements. A quick way to identify the earlier version of this particular model is the jewel count – 27 on the 52 dial, 25 on the 72 dial. Mine is also on its original solid link bracelet. There is no case type code on this, but Citizen called this the square flange type – the second link below shows how these are constructed. The movement is the 5204, introduced in 1965, and is also found in the Dandy Sevens. This watch has separate day and date windows, and demonstrates a small thing that I love about Citizen’s vintage watches with the date at the 4/5 o’clock position – i.e. the date is printed to appear vertically in the window. A nice touch that seems to have been left behind these days where the date in that position is usually at an angle to the wearer’s viewpoint, so there is no special printing done for that design. It is also seen on the Challenge Golf and the Seven Star Rally Custom, for example. Little things like this make these pieces all the more appealing:

More info on this watch here:

And here:

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2 Responses to Today’s Watch: Citizen Square Custom, 27 Jewels

  1. Mike Wilensky says:

    I, too, like this watch’s date and day placement. I do NOT like the way the modern watches of today have the date at an angle, when it isn’t all that hard to print the date horizontal to the viewers eye.

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