This Week’s Featured Watch #22 – the Square Custom

Enough of round cases, here’s a bit of angular stainless steel! The Square Custom was one of the models in the 52xx movement range first produced in 1965 along with the Seven Star and Crystal Seven lines. The Square Custom featured the highest jewel count – 27 – reflecting it’s position as an upper mid-grade piece:

The 40mm by 34mm case gives a chunky look, and the separate day and date windows add interest. The framed circular date window contrasts with the right angles, and I like the way the wheel is printed so that the date is displayed vertically rather than at an angle unlike more modern takes on this configuration.

I believe this one is on its original solid link bracelet:

The serial number shows production in December 1970:

I haven’t removed the case back on this yet – it’s done by removing the bracelet and pushing in a clip between the lugs. I really must do this so I can check the movement number and confirm it in the Movement Table – hopefully I can add that info soon in a ‘Part 2’ post.

Citizen also produced the Square Custom a little later using the 25 jewel 72xx movement launched in 1969. There was also a variant sold with curved sides – same movement but retailing at a lower price. Here are 1971 catalog pictures of the two types, also showing the same bracelet as on my example:


Maybe this design is not to everyone’s taste, but it certainly has impact in my opinion:

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4 Responses to This Week’s Featured Watch #22 – the Square Custom

  1. Vincent says:

    looks a bit eccentric 😛 But still nice though

    i guess the consumer’s taste in the 1970s is as diverse as today’s consumer’s. So many dial and case variation were available that time.

  2. Uwe Büch says:

    Hi, unfortunately i can’t see the photos. Do you removed it?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Uwe – sorry for my late reply. I’m afraid visitors to the blog can’t post photos here. You could post a link to them if you have uploaded them somewhere. Stephen

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