Today’s Watch – Citizen Automatic Chronograph, 67-9143, 23 Jewels

After my second hand wind weekend, it’s back to chronographs this week, with today’s watch a bullhead type – this time it’s one of two models that use a gold tone dial, the 67-9143. This variant features a dark brown (rather than black) coated case and gold bezel. The other model is the 67-9020 which has a gold plated case and black bezel.

The 67-9143 has two case numbers, this dark brown one is 4-901134, whilst the other is 4-901088 – that may relate to a black finish to the case. My photo today clearly shows the white crystal gasket, something to look out for when you see either an 8100 or 8110 chronograph. The combination of black with the gold dial, main and sub-register hands is an effective and appealing design. My example is a late one, from July 1981:

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2 Responses to Today’s Watch – Citizen Automatic Chronograph, 67-9143, 23 Jewels

  1. John says:

    Lovely looking watch Stephen as many Bullhead variants are. I’ll have to offload a couple of pieces to bring one to the collection though.

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