Today’s Watch – Citizen Super Deluxe, 25 Jewels

Well, it had to be this one, after yesterday’s Deluxe 🙂 The Super Deluxe is the high grade version of the range – the 9200 calibre came with either 23 or 25 jewels and as with the Deluxe they first appeared in 1958. The ‘Super’ version had more adjustments before leaving the factory – the standard version had 3 so this one probably had 5, and the movement is marked ‘specially adjusted’. The movement is nicely finished, and the case is 14K gold-filled to a thickness of 80 microns. My example is a 25 jewel model from February 1962, and is one of my favourites in the collection. No special features, it just tells the time, but it is a classy, high quality piece that runs very, very well. Again, I would recommend a Super Deluxe for any collection – even if you are not a fan of gold tone, I think you will be impressed by the look of this one since it is a step above the usual standard:

More on this one here:

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