Chronograph Article Update – Another Walter Wolf Special

The only ‘special’ version of the 8110A models that I now about was designed for the Walter Wolf Formula 1 racing team. Besides the unique design of case, dial and hands, it is also notable for the case material – titanium – and was one of the earliest watches to use it, following Citizen’s world first titanium watch in the form of a Cosmotron (see here:

I’ve had an image of a black cased version, but only recently found a pic of the back of such a model showing an appropriate case material code on the back, along with the case number / model number – 8110-901240. Here’s the dial:

And the case back:

So this can now go in the Chronograph Article….

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2 Responses to Chronograph Article Update – Another Walter Wolf Special

  1. idustbunnie says:

    Gosh! I keep trying to ask you, and I think wordpress keeps not accepting me! Ugh!

    Do you have a Walter Wolf for sale?

    • sweephand says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I have to approve comments when someone first posts so that has caused the delay – apologies for that. I’ve never been able to acquire one of the Walter Wolf chronographs. I think if I had got hold of one, I wouldn’t want to sell it! They don’t come along very often, but good luck in your search. Stephen

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