Automatic Chronographs Article Updated

A small addition made tonight to the Challenge Timer section (aka ‘Bullhead) – the ‘standard’ 67-9011 with silver dial and black sub-dials has two case numbers. I’m not sure at the moment why this is so, but I’ve seen authentic case backs, both marked 67-9011, with the following numbers:

4-901177 and (now added) 4-901053

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4 Responses to Automatic Chronographs Article Updated

  1. Jenifer says:

    can anyone tell me what the “y” means?
    I’ve got a 4-901053 Y
    I haven’t seen very many of these and was wondering why. Thanks

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jenifer, thanks for visiting my blog. And a good question! Quick answer is ‘no’….I have tried to find out, but can’t pin it down. The letter ‘Y’, and more commonly on chronographs, ‘TA’ & ‘K’, is not part of the case number itself. Parts catalogues do not include the letter so it is not needed for parts ordering. I contacted Citizen a while back but got no reply – might try again. I’ve had a couple of ideas about the letter code, which is frustratingly the only case back mark I haven’t yet resolved. One is that it indicates the market the watch was destined for, and the second is that it relates to the factory where it was made. There were Tanashi and Kawaguchiko factories for example, but I can’t associate all letters with factories from the reference material I have.

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