The Week’s Featured Watch #42 – The Master

The ‘Newmaster’ model is quite often seen for sale on the auction sites, usually based on the Homer hand winding movement, and dating from the early 1970s. But a model which immediately preceded that is much rarer – the Master. First produced in 1959, using the 910 movement also seen in the Junior, it was made only with 19 jewels and seems to have been replaced by the Newmaster only a year later. No doubt this accounts for the relative rarity of this model – it was the last of the ‘center second’ line as new models and a wider range came to the market at the end of the 1950s.

Typical of its day, this example is gold plated, with a simple design, and marked with the model name and the phynox (spring alloy) and para shock logos:

The snap on back, with the old style model / case number and no serial number:

No serial number inside the back either, but it is marked so has been serviced I suppose (could be the Showa date – December 47 – which equates to 1972):

The 19 jewel 910 movement, marked as having ‘3 adjustments’ indicating it was more than just a basic time piece:

Finally, the main dial logo logo – a font style unique to this model I believe:

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