HMT & Citizen

In 1960 Citizen made an agreement with the Indian government, and after training and setting up operations, a year or so later the Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd began production. Using the 02 ‘Homer’ movement this enterprise has survived over the decades, and they are still sold today! I thank Swaminathan Panchapagesan for his comment, which helped me understand this remarkable history. He posted a link to the WUS forum where many models can be seen:

I had to get an example for my collection – I believe the ones marked ‘Citizen’ are the older ones, but I’m really not sure how old this one is – maybe from 1970:


The 17j movement is very familiar, with plainer finishing and now signed ‘HMT’ of course:

Hopefully Swaminathan will see this and come back with more info 🙂

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  1. Jacob Alexander says:

    Very useful information and brilliant collection .

  2. Jacob Alexander says:

    Very informative write up for Hmt watch enthusiasts. Thank you .

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