Like Hen’s Teeth…..

……vintage Citizen watch parts are often hard to find, so finding hen’s teeth can sometimes seem more likely! Many can be just about impossible to find, and this is something that puts collectors off since repair of worn out or damaged watches can simply be a non-starter.

Occasionally though, and completely unexpectedly, parts do turn up.

I have a fairly rare Seven Star Yacht Custom with a poor dial, which I did not think I could improve.  I thought I’d have to buy another example in better condition. But last week I spotted a dial for sale on eBay – original dials are very rare anyway, but to find one for a Yacht Custom was a complete surprise. So I snapped it up and it arrived, from Brazil, today. Although this is not the correct box for this dial it’s always nice to get some of  Citizen’s original packaging:




Now, technically this is not quite the correct part, since  Citizen made this model with both the 52 and the 72 movements inside. The latter has a frame round the day/date window, whilst the 52 does not. So I’ll keep the old dial, but fit the new one since it makes the watch so much more wearable. Now I just need a new crystal for it…….

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5 Responses to Like Hen’s Teeth…..

  1. yu ronald says:

    I need a minute hand for my CROF 1501-Y, ridged type, can you help?


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    • sweephand says:

      Hi Ronald – nice to hear you have one of the Chronometers, is it a gold filled model? I don’t know the sizes for the hands I’m afraid – do you know what they are? The 0400 movement is unique to the Chronometer so I don’t know what if any hands are inter-changeable. It may be possible to find hands on Yahoo Japan if the sizes match something else – the Jets for example, some of which used the ridged dagger style.


      • Ronald Yu says:

        It is a gold filled, the length of the ridged dagger minute hand is about 18/19 mm.

        • sweephand says:

          That’s a long hand! This reflects the Chronometer having a wide movement (30mm). The longest in this style I can find in a 1960s parts book is 16mm, which fits an 02 (Homer) calibre. The other key measurement is the center hole – this is 0.90mm for 02/09 minute hand. A Jet minute hand, for the 031/11/41 calibres, is 1.00mm so knowing the hole size is important. Stephen

        • sweephand says:

          Hi Ronald – is your measurement from the center hole to the tip of the hand, or is it the total length of the hand?

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