Some Hand Winders

Been very busy over the last week after the birth of a second grandchild 🙂   Posts have been a bit thin as a result, but I hope to get back on track now.  In the meantime here’s one of my boxes, with some of the nicest vintage models in my view. Straightforward, elegant pieces with no complications, these hand winders all run great and I think all have appeared in the ‘This week’s Featured Watches’ posts bar the Deluxe from 1959, which is on the Deluxe page:


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3 Responses to Some Hand Winders

  1. Stuart Matthews says:

    Reblogged this on Vintage Watches Middle East and commented:
    Here at Vintage Watches Middle East, we think this is a high-class collection…

  2. jorgeolguin says:

    Congrats Stephen on the arrival of your new grandson!!

    Also, these are some of the most beautiful vintage citizens I have seen.
    I’ve always prefered nice simple watches with few or no complications at all.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your grandkids 🙂

    PS.- I was a little bummed out to learn that mi citizen with caliber 0200 was a womans watch from the 1971 catalog; but I decided that seens it’s not that small and has no feminine features, i’m gonna keep on wearing it. Besides, I have a small wrist and can get away with it; and many men’s watches from the 40’s and earlier are smaller than that 🙂

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