Citizen’s Para Water Logo

Citizen was the first company in Japan to launch a watch with a water resistant case, in 1959. In those days such cases were marked ‘Water Proof’, whilst Citizen generally used ‘Para Water’ instead, in line with their ‘Para Shock’  in place of ‘Shock Proof’.  Although Citizen in the main simply printed Para Water on their dials, they did design a logo to go with the term, and was used in literature – ads and technical manuals for example –  and on tags.  I’ve not seen too many tags, but managed to er…tag..this one recently:

The logo is a nice depiction of a scuba diver, and this is occasionally seen printed on some export model dials. Here it is in print, from a mid-1960s technical manual:

The tag measures about 24mm across, seems to be made of a light alloy or maybe aluminium. It’s nice to get hold of these little extras now and again 🙂

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2 Responses to Citizen’s Para Water Logo

  1. Mike Wilensky says:

    Stephen, I always save those little plastic tags that come attached to any new watch that I might buy…I’m glad to see the one from an old Citizen!

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