This Week’s Featured Watch #34 – The Custom V2 Alarm Date

Citizen made two versions of a hand winding alarm watch, both using a Swiss design which was later used by the Russian maker Poljot. The first type was launched in 1958 using the 9800 movement with 17 or 21 jewels, and featured a ‘cricket’ style double case back. In 1964 a second version, this time with a single case back was introduced, using the same movement but now designated 3100 and with 21 jewels only.

With either a plain dial (movement number 3101) or a date window (3102), the early 1970s also saw several sports versions in the line-up and a couple had inner rotating timing bezels as well as the fourth hand for setting the alarm. These models formed part of the ‘Custom V2’ line and also featured black coated cases, reflecting the changes in design facilitated by new materials.

My example is one of the sports models, made in August 1971. The inner rotating ring is very much of the 1970s, with its unusual markings on a metallic orange background:

Although there are some scratches, the original glass is thick and nicely beveled:

The back is plainly marked, and the pin against which the alarm hammer strikes can be seen – this means that the back has to be positioned correctly, but this is ensured by a small locating pin inside the case back which locates in a hole on the edge of the case. Note the case material code – BLS – indicating black case and steel bezel:

Unfortunately the original strap is far too fragile to use:

This is a sizeable watch, measuring 42mm across, excluding crowns, and 44mm lug to lug (apologies for the horrible cheap strap – was a temporary fitting!):

The winder at 10 o’clock rotates the timing ring, whilst the winder at 2 o’clock winds the alarm and at one step out sets the alarm pointer. The crown at 4 o’clock winds the watch and at one step sets the time:


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