Contact Form Added

Following a comment from ‘ /F ‘ I have now added a simple ‘Contact Form’ to the home page so that visitors can get in touch quickly and not simply via a blog post ‘comment’. I still welcome comments in response to posts of course, but now questions can be put to to me via the Contact Form.

I have tested the form so it should work ok!  Thank you /F  for prompting me to find out how to add a Contact Form 🙂

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2 Responses to Contact Form Added

  1. Andrew de Padey says:

    Hi, I have a Citizen Chronograph Automatic as in the picture on left with the orange hands. It needs a new button and a service, can you recommend who I could contact please.I live in the UK
    Many thanks Andrew

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Andrew thanks for visiting my blog. Although I am also in the UK, I use master watchmaker Brian Leiser in the USA. You can find work he’s done on my blog. I’ll email his contact details to you. Stephen

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