This Week’s Featured Watch #77- the Record Master Rally Custom

I haven’t done a Featured Watch from my collection for a good while, so thought it time to do this one…

First off there is a rather boring back on this model – but it gives the basic info that’s needed I suppose – case material code, case number, water resistance, serial number, model number, and case type. The serial gives a production date of February 1972 since this movement was made for only a short while at the end of the 1960s and in the early 1970s:


Once the back is removed, there is a rather more interesting movement – a hand winding chronograph with a column wheel and vertical clutch like its automatic siblings:


However the base movement for this watch is not related to the auto’s since it is the ‘Homer’ 02 calibre, sporting 21 jewels.  Unlike the high-beat automatics, the Record masters  run at 18,000 beats per hour, and is designated the 5700, hence the 4-57xxxx case number. Here’s a view of the chronograph mechanism:


And here’s a schematic of the mechanism:


The first Record Masters had relatively plain dials, with an inner tachymeter scale and no outer bezel – but the Rally Custom version is rather different!:


The black coated case, bezel and dial are an ideal background for the white detail and orange highlights. The white day wheel is positioned close to the 5 o’clock marker and I particularly like that it is printed to read vertically – unlike so many modern watches where the date is angled.

The chronograph is started and stopped by the upper button, and reset to zero by the lower button, and yes….it is has ‘fly-back’ capability – great stuff 🙂

All Record Masters are now very collectable and are increasingly expensive to buy these days. It’s interesting that the first models were one of the least expensive watches in the original Citizen line-up. Ho-hum.



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6 Responses to This Week’s Featured Watch #77- the Record Master Rally Custom

  1. Eduardo Farha says:

    Always a great post! Thank you, Stephen!

  2. F. says:

    Hey Stephen, Nice site and lots of interesting material although not perfectly organized per categories. I also don’t see a contact page thus I’ll just throw in my inquiry here.
    I love Citizens but one of the issues with vintage watches is finding parts it seems. Although I have a couple on going projects, I was wondering if by chance do you happen to know where to find a 67-4915 Yacht Custom crystal. It’s a 35.7mm size, 2mm thick, Y crystal as one would expect with early minerals.
    If I should extend my question to other models, parts like dials, hands, bezels and generally most case parts are probably impossible to source nowadays. Since most of the vintage specimens around have tear or slight alteration, I was wondering what’s your input on the matter.
    Best regards

    • sweephand says:

      Hi, thanks for visiting my blog – I’m afraid parts are very hard to source for vintage Citizens. Often donor watches are the only way, although sometimes crystals can be found. I can usually provide an original part number for crystals, but I need the case number – begins with ‘4’ (4-xxxxxx) – can you let me know what number is on yours please. Stephen

      • F. says:

        Hi Stephen, This is what I thought too, but even sourcing donors is a difficult task. Very discouraging it seems, adventuring in vintage Citizen world.
        Well, the number to the back is 4-720474 Y. I’d appreciate any help to the crystal matter.
        I am also trying to restore a 68-5372. Do you happen to know of any case parts available like anywhere ? Crown or unpolished back case for example ? I won’t even try to ask about bezels… I simply haven’t had any luck on any accounts.

        Regards, /F

        • sweephand says:

          Hi F, the original part number for the crystal is 54-50290. I’ve had a quick look on the internet, and Yahoo Japan, but not found anything I’m afraid. Case parts for divers are nigh on impossible to find other than via donors – but even examples in poor condition can be expensive. The crown part number is 506-5061, which is the same crown used on the more common 52-0110 model (case # 4-820789). I’m not aware of anything available at the moment. Stephen

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