Diver Page Updated Again!

It must be ‘add a diver’ week this week 🙂 After including the Super Deluxe model a couple of days ago, an exceptionally rare silver dialled version of the 120m Jet auto dater diver emerged. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen, and previously I thought only black dials were produced. I am very grateful to its owner, Jalaludin Adzali, for allowing me to use his pics.

I also realised that I had not included another rare model, this time a 100m rated Crystal Seven, alongside it’s Dandy Seven sibling., so I’ve taken the opportunity to add that one too.

AutoDaterDiverSilver  Crystal7Diver

I wonder if there are any other models out there, yet to show their faces? 🙂

Here’s the page link: https://sweep-hand.org/citizens-vintage-divers-1962-to-1980/

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2 Responses to Diver Page Updated Again!

  1. Eduardo Farha says:

    Nice report! Thank you!

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